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2008SophieKayGoogle Scholarship for Students with Disabilities, 2011-12 (only 10 such awards made across Europe, the Middle East & Africa in the 2011-2 round)
2008SophieKayFounder of the Open Science Training Initiative (OSTI), developed throughout my Panton Fellowship with the OKFN. A description of the initiative can be found below; further information is available on the initiative's website
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2007MatthewGibbCofounder of; charity that provides evidence-based advice about ethical careers; we now have 6 full-time staff and 20 part-time volunteers, with a 2013 budget of over $150,000.
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2007ChristianYatesC.A. Yates 2009-2011 - Leathersellers' Scholarship (St Catherine's College) for academic achievement. 
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