DTC Directors

Professor David Gavaghan : Centre Director

David has a wide range of research interests in the application of mathematical and computational techniques in medicine and biology and in the related basic sciences. He is Professor of Computational Biology in the Computing Laboratory and has been in Oxford since 1986.

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Dr Jonathan Cooper : LSI and SysBio Programme Co-Director

Jonathan is a Research Fellow within the Computational Biology Group in the Computer Science department, and completed his D.Phil. through the LSI DTC in 2009. He is interested in the application of software engineering to computational biology - using technology well to enable better science. In particular, he looks at the use of domain-specific languages to describe both mathematical models of biology, and the experimental protocols under which they are investigated and compared. He also works to develop the tools required to make these approaches usable for researchers.

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Dr Joe Pitt-Francis : LSI and SysBio Programme Co-Director

Joe has a background in writing software for computational science and in teaching maths, computer science and software engineering. He is a Senior Research Fellow in the Computational Biology Group at the Department of Computer Science. His research interests are in parallel and high-performance computing, large-scale software engineering and computational geometry. He joined the DTC in October 2013.

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DTC Administrative Staff

Sam Miles: Centre Administrator

Sam is the Senior Administrator at the DTC, responsible for the administrative management of the Centre, including the programmes, finances and building facilities. She leads the administration team and is Disability and Harassment Advisor for the Centre. Sam worked for the University for a number of years prior to joining the DTC, primarily in the area of Graduate Admissions.

Francesca Wright: Administrative Officer

Francesca joined the team in September 2010. Prior to this she worked in the NHS as a clerical officer in the Cellular Pathology Department. Francesca assists Samantha Miles with the day to day running of all DTC programmes and is responsible for the Systems Biology administration. She is also in charge of the Alumni programme.

Jo Burch: Finance Officer

Jo is the Finance Officer for the DTC. She has worked in finance for over 12 years and has been working at the DTC since August 2010 where she is responsible for all the day to day finances. She is ably assisted by Lorraine. Jo is part-time and does not work on Wednesdays.

Lorraine Damerell: IT and Finance Assistant

Lorraine started at the DTC as an Administration and Finance Assistant, but recently made the leap into the world of IT. She now supports Eoin Malins and continues to work with Johanna in finance.

Dr Eoin Malins: IT Manager

Eoin comes from a research background with an interest in algorithm optimisation for hardware implementations. Having worked at the New York Stock Exchange, APT (Audio Processing Technology), Queen’s University and the University of Ulster, Eoin is now responsible for the smooth running of the staff and student computer systems at the DTC.

Nina Stamps: Administrative Assistant

Nina is responsible for day to day administrative tasks in the DTC Admin Office and providing support to the team. Before joining the DTC in October 2015, she worked in the Registry of the Department for Continuing Education for two and a half years.