Contacts with Industry

The Systems Biology Programme has a number of existing industrial partners who provide input and guidance via the Industrial Liaison Committee.

Students who are particularly interested in careers in industry are encouraged to consider applying for admission to the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science Industrial Doctorate Centre (SABS-IDC).

The SABS-IDC training programme is complementary to the Systems Biology and Life Sciences Interface DTC programmes, but provides additional training in skills relevant to research in an industrial context, such as project management, strategic planning, leadership, team working, commercial awareness, and problem solving as well as courses in medical chemistry, chemical pharmacology, chemoinformatics, toxicology, molecular imaging, optimal experimental design and genomic epidemiology. These courses are also open to Systems Biology students whose research interests overlap with the SABS-IDC programme.

All short projects and D.Phil. projects in the SABS-IDC programme involve an academic and industrial partner, and the companies currently involved in the IDC are linked to the following industrial sectors: Pharmaceutical; Biomedical and Imaging Technology; Health Related IT; and Biotechnology and Health Related Informatics.