Module assessment

Each module is assessed using criteria appropriate to the subject area; however, the grades are based on the following general rules:

  1. contribution during both the directed study and taught weeks to individual and group exercises, workshops, etc.;
  2. formal assessed exercises (essays, solutions to problem sheets, experimental write-ups, programming exercises etc.) undertaken during the assessment week;
  3. team and communication skills; and
  4. the extent to which the student has moved forward from their own knowledge base and level of understanding during the course.

The grade categories are:

A piece of work which is outstanding in all of the assessment criteria, comprehensive and scholarly, with originality (if appropriate) and/or critical analysis.
An excellent piece of work showing very good understanding and integration of material, very well structured and well-presented. No notable weaknesses, only minor improvements possible.
A very good piece of work that is well-presented, well-reasoned and shows a high level of competence and understanding.
A good assignment that addresses the major points and assessment criteria and shows a good level of understanding, but with minor inadequacies.
A satisfactory assignment that fulfils the assessment criteria, but has identifiable weaknesses or misunderstandings in certain areas. The assignment is not well-argued or structured.
An assignment that attempts to addresses the assessment criteria, with sufficient evidence of effort and achievement to warrant a pass, but with important weaknesses or misunderstandings in certain areas. Assignment is incomplete, badly organised or poorly argued.
Fail. A seriously flawed piece of work with major weaknesses in several assessment criteria, or little evidence of effort.

Students are expected to achieve grades in the β+ to α+ range on the majority of modules. A grade in the γ range will be discussed with the student immediately so that remedial action and additional support can be provided.

Deadlines for work should be strictly adhered to; if you feel you need an extension you must ask the module tutor in advance.

Work which is submitted late without prior arrangement will automatically receive a γ.